all i need. ingredients: water all i need. ingredients: water No water, no tea.
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You’re probably wondering what could possibly be important to know about water. Well, water is vital, we can’t live without it. And what else should we use for brewing our premium Sencha tea?!

The facts

  • Water is a scarce resource. In our region, this is hard to imagine, but not very far from here, it is sad reality. So let’s appreciate our drinking water and not be careless with it.
  • Water contains more important minerals than one might think.
  • For all i need.’s taste, a constant degree of water hardness is decisive.
  • Spring water is (at least in terms of quantity) all i need’s main ingredient. Therefore, a high quality is more than important. And fortunately, Austrian water as a very high quality – so we’re lucky.

This is how all i need. is brewed

3 grams on 1 liter of water, this is how our green tea is brewed. About 80°C is the ideal temperature for our premium Sencha tea from China’s Hunan province to develop its properties. After all, tea is nothing without water and for real all i need. fans, water probably is nothing without green tea 😉

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